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Christmas and all
Merrie Christmas and other assorted holidays to one and all. Yay.

*goes off to drink now*

I promise that from now on...
I will tag my shit properly.

And that I will have more content that is actually entertaining to people who do not even know me. I figured I could talk about Supernatural, but I guess it is kind of useless when you have awesome people like kroki_refur who do that about a gazillion times better than I would be able to. 

Seeya later. 

Twilight, you're a stinking shit piece of fail.


So, pogrebin had this drabble request thing going on, right? And then I requested BSG, but she was a bit knackered and offered me SGA instead. And so I asked for repli!team. Those of you who have seen 4x10, know what the hell I am on.

Anyways, she wrote it. And it was so good. And you have to go and read it now.


Since I am an eljay moron, I do not know how to make it a proper link. *embarrassment* But you can copy-paste

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Can random Russian people stop friending me, please?

Gah, shit.

So going to make a FAQ right now.

So, I just got the idea that maybe I should make a proper fandom list for myself along with the stuff I like reading about. But since I am a bit ill and whiny, I won't be doing it today.

And another wondering. Would people in SG-1 fandom really hate a story where Jack and Daniel are only best friends and Jack eventually hooks up with someone else (not Sam or Teal'c, I promise), after a few years of angst and saving the world. And then it would make the Ori less stupid and present my own vision on what the Furlings are.

(and of course, it all is driven from my unnatural squeey love for the random asshole Tok'ra in season six.)

Yay, I do not make any sense at all.

Tata, anyways.
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I feel like I should post.
Meh. This is so silly. I mean, why would I want to divulge my secrets to corporate fandom-hating assholes, right.

But actually I made this so people would know that this is my real journal and I am not being a lurker or anything, but am instead perfectly corporeal and existing. Dammit, my english does not make sense today.

Well, whatever.

I'll go and watch meself some Harry Potter now.

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By all the Gods, the damn thing is done.

I won Nano. 50 000.

I also have 30 000 of another novel and wrote about 35 000 for an interactive novel I am doing with my friend.


Hoarfrost is a dork.



Now I wants meself some Karl-porn.

43 539 words of Dancing on the Blade, as I dropped Dark Passion Play at 30k.

SHIT. It's utter gobbledegook. And shit.

So, Bitter, if you're reading this, December 1st is a good time to start poking me about that Riddick/Vaako/Josh-lookalike "Hey, let's visit Underverse and Furya and other nice locales" fanfiction thing.


Otherwise I am alive and okay.

School is just lame.

51931 words in total for Nano. Since I am doing two novels, I should get myself back into gear and be a good little me and continue writing.

Otherwise it's going good. Pretty good, yeah.


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